Following the late-night episode with Max MacGillicutty, Thomas reflects back on earlier in the day, when he visited Slumberland's trash heap to find his smashed rental car, plus some surprises.


Dae'Yana Jung performed by Vicki Morgan. For more info write her at:

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The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: timbre, ramicio, qubodup, lemudcrab, abouch, vedas, ondrosik, coldwellw, everythingsounds, duckduckpony, jmjeffries2, kwahmah-02, omar-alvarado, youandbiscuitme, coltures, lwdickens, univ-lyon3, fisu, adam0n, anthousai, ceoux, passairmangrace, sevin7, martingunchev, masgame, amholma, airblock, mansardian, bosone, razzvio, turtlelg, reaktorplayer, juskiddink, and Jovica.

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