Stella Pierce is piloting her plane over Slumberland Island, searching for any clues related to the disappearance of Omar Evanston. Thomas and Jeepers listen to Stella's report over radio. Their meeting, atop the town's tallest hill, leaves them roasting in the summer sun.

Dae'Yana Jung performed by Vicki Morgan. Stella Pierce performed by Katherine Goffeney. Shelly Ruxpin performed by Kim Kreuzwieser.

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: stintx, ftpalad, felipelnv, dheming, ahill86, phil25, kwahmah-02, omar-alvarado, freqman, cuddlenucks, jaklocke, zaneclampett, daveshu88, thisisminime, cabled-mess, timbre, stubb, baryy, sunnysidesound, and Jovica.


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