Slumberland podcast

Thomas goes to retrieve his car and meets a young resident of Slumberland. They piece together more information regarding the being known as "Shroomi." 

Guest performance by Sarah Suboski.

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Thomas reviews his recordings from the last couple of days on Slumberland and is surprised by what he finds.


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In this episode, the storm continues to pound Slumberland. Thomas listens to stories about Mr. Sound and the mysterious ice cream truck.


Special guest performance by the wonderful and talented Elsie Escobar.


Elsie is a podcasting veteran and Libsyn's podcaster happiness expert, producing and hosting The Feed: The Official LIbsyn Podcast as well as her own long running Elsie's Yoga Class.


Slumberland: an episodic narrative told in "found audio" style. A mix of fiction, field recordings and happenstance. A man finds himself on an obscure island, hired to record a community's oral history. His personal audio notes present a series of odd events as they unfold.

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Thomas Edward M and Omar Evanston hunker down to ride out the major thunderstorm bearing down on Slumberland Island...


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The mysterious client, Oskar Mielardeaux, attempts to explain his thoughts on the oral history project, his own misadventures, and his needy house plant.


Oskar Mielardeaux performed by MikoChiko.


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Previously, the mysterious building on Slumberland Island known as The Dome seemed to have a bad effect on Thomas, causing him to black out.


In this episode Thomas revives and finds himself in another new situation. Pecularity ensues.


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Up to now Slumberland Island has seemed deserted, but local teen Lex told Thomas that he should find everyone at a building known as "The Dome".


Thomas arrives at the Dome...


Travis T. Hokum performed by Jeff Priskorn.


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Thomas meets a young woman named Lex. She's a Slumberland native with a story to tell about her unusual claim to fame. Apparently, for more than 100 years the little lake in Slumberland Island has produced a mysterious and very rude sound, known locally as THE BLURP.


Lex performed by Jacquie Floyd.


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Special thanks to Paerie the Faerie for inspiring The Blurp.

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A recording made on Slumberland Island in July 1976 is heard again. Magic Elvis, time capsules and the "manamojojuju" have something to say to us 2014.


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Curious about his talking seashell and hoping to find anyone to speak to, Thomas drives over to Slumberland Island's lighthouse.


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