Jeepers MacGeepers records his oral history session -- a tale of a boy fleeing war-torn Europe, and a certain pigeon carrying a coded message.

Original music by Tim Clark.

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The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: hugobeaumont, laurent, robinhood76, typonnegatywny, cheeseheadburger, gerardcatala, pawsound, blaukreuz, abcopen, mario1298, omar-alvarado, metrostock99 ahill86, stinkpit, xavimuse, johnnybecrafty, squashy555, geldart, ylearkisto, thisisminime, travesia-sonora, emanuele,-correani, martian, johannesschmidt, xiiisamples, kinoton, anthousai, inspectorj, timmeh515, 14gpanskavalachristoffer, debsound, craigsmith, mozfoo, sacredmatt, sonsdebarcelona, mkoenig, maj061785, nmscher, tigersound, cgeffex, and Jovica.

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