A period of time has passed since the Coyote Club meeting. The sound recordings of Thomas Edward M are not yet available to present what happened when the residents of Slumberland bravely journeyed to the haunted beach and confronted Badamo's ghost, the Sandy Specter.

Tonight, all are invited to attend the latest presentation of The Bed Bug! Slumberland's ongoing showcase of poetry, song and spoken word. A wonderful group of talented performers will entertain tonight. Ella Minnow Pierce will ensure the show runs smoothly, and special guest Tomas Anonymous will serve as master of ceremonies.

Everyone hopes a surprise guest two will make an appearance!

More about Slumberland at this link.


Jessica Syratt
Theater performer and creator of "Nowhere, On Air" audio drama podcast
Returning to perform the role of Ella Minnow Pierce and also "Sophia's Song"

Debra Harrison-Lowe
Film performer
Returning to perform the role of Oblivia Newton-Baum, a character Debra first voiced in 2014

David Tamulevich
Founding member of the folk music group Mustard's Retreat
Performing an original song adaption of the 1889 poem "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" by Eugene Field

Danielle Timmins
Voice over artist
Returning to perform the role of Flance Fleesel

Jacquelyn Landgraf
Performer, creator of "It Makes A Sound" podcast series
Jacquelyn performs the role of Kenbrooke Pierce and the poem "Thou dusky spirit of the wood" by Henry David Thoreau

George Sanger AKA The Fat Man
Award-winning composer and musician
Mr. Sanger performs an unreleased original song, "Which Way Does the Smoke Blow"

Mild Wild
Music group based in Florida
"Sounds composed freely and recorded straight to tape. Drenched in reverb and filled with half thoughts."
Mild Wild performs the song "Alright Okay"

Thomas R. Mansell
Cowboy poet
Returning to perform the role of Merlin Jebb, reading the cowboy poem "Boomer Johnson" by Henry Herbert Knibbs

Kat Hoil
Voice performer
Kat performs the role of Taos Woman

Jock Blaney
Voice-over Artist, vocalist of the band 2nu, whose spoken-word song "This Is Ponderous" charted in 1991
Returning to perform as Max MacGillicutty, a character Jock first voiced in 2018

Marissa Conniff
Stage and voice performer
Returning to perform as Beckett Pierce, a character Marissa first voiced in 2015, and performs the poem "The Hunting of the Snark" by Lewis Carroll

Abby Sher
Performer and author
Abby performed a character in a stage adaptation of Daniel Pinkwater's 1982 novel "The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death"
Performing an original song in the persona of Penny

Jacquie Floyd
Actor, voice artist, playwright
Performing the role of Vestigula Uridium, her third character role on Slumberland since 2014

Jeff Nicholson
Comic book writer, artist and self-publisher
Known for his works Ultra Klutz, Through the Habitrails, Father & Son, and Colonia
Co-creator and co-performer of the original 1982 audio skit "Reality Hopping"

Jeff Priskorn
Actor, voice artist, improviser, writer, singer, musician
Performing the song "Wonder" with his 90s band, Intense Silence. Jeff's first Slumberland performance was in 2014

Elsie Escobar
Podcaster and voice actor
Performing the role of Chrysanthemum Jones, a character Elsie first voiced in 2014, performing the poem "Barata de calaveras" by José Guadalupe Posada

Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
20th Century Ghost and storyteller of strange tales from the past, future and present
Petunia performs the song "Crawlspace"

Catty Donnelly
Voice over artist
Catty performs the role of Bosco Tomnus, the third Slumberland character Catty has performed since 2020

David P. Gray
Creator of PC games
David shares material from his 1990 game "Hugo's House of Horrors" as the basis for a poem performed by a robot

Michael Lanier
Pianist, guitarist, banjoist, autoharpist, jaw harpist, ukeist, mandolinist, psalterist, dulcimist, bassist, thereminist, violinist
Michael performs the role of Farmer Friday, Junior and an original song adaption of the 1885 poem "Land of Nod" by Robert Louis Stevenson

Sarah Suboski
Sarah performed the role of Wencil Pierce in 2014 and Sarah's performance is re-used in the Bed Bug episode

Music by Blue Dot Sessions
This episode pays tribute to the musical genius and memory of Hardy Fox

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: izkhanilov, leo153_100, gchase, kupp2, tomycatts, inspectorj, jvmorello, gchase, unchaz, kywr, alexmurphy53, jayfrosting, giddster, rvgerxini, neilraouf, j-zazvurek, georgesavic, tonywhitmore, richwise, shneak, littleboot, kyles, funwithsound, tosha73, cornwallis89, epicwizard, dkustic, connorm94, thewebbster, vartian, klankbeeld, moulaythami, fredbjammin, lchapman1980, joedeshon, tenkism, garuda1982, sandermotions, leo153, unfa, tim-kahn, xtyl33, processaurus, ch0cchi, fats-million, magedu, joedeshon, kinoton, zembacraftworks, lartti, guitarguy1985, tomlija, satoration, kwahmah, timbre, theshaggyfreak, forthehorde68, m1rk0, alexmurphy53, dspeight, shelbyshark, breviceps, and Jovica.

And thank YOU you for listening to Slumberland!

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