A large metal sculpture of a mysterious woman's head -- this statue sits in a storage shed on Slumberland Island. How did it get there and where did it come from? These questions are explored by Oblivia Newton-Baum.

More about Slumberland at this link.

Oblivia Newton Baum performed by Julia C. Thorne
Bailey performed by Mark C. Holden
Phaedra Two performed by Erin King
Jennie Weather performed by Dr. Michelle Booze
Music courtesy of these artists: Timbre, Ars Sonor

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors rutgemuller, chimerical, ftpalad, vtkproductions, bansemer, dave-welsh, jakobthiesen, bone666138, gutek, microsome, deleted-user-44011 niedec, omar-alvarado, lwdickens, psychopancake, lonelmail, passairmangrace, vcspran, piggimon, djlprojects, inspectorj, leandri140029, bluedelta, florianreichelt, kyles, figowitz, atha89, cognito-perceptu, A43, cgeffex, bmaczero, juskiddink, and Jovica.

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