A new day breaks and Thomas revisits the Slumberland Food Co-Op to meet Jeepers. Instead he chats with barista P.D. Singh, who has an extensive knowledge of breakfast cereal history.

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Written, recorded and performed by Tom Mansell
P.D. Singh performed by Katabelle
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Chrysanthemum Jones performed by Elsie Escobar
Elsie is a podcasting veteran and Libsyn's podcaster happiness expert, producing and hosting The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast
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Music by Vincent Sermonne and Tri-Tachyon

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: rico-casazza, sidequesting, plumforestpodcast, robbeman, toklant, jodybruchon, mrauralization, cosmicembers, gchase, tempouser, sfxsource-com, and Jovica.

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