Thomas finds the oral history session with Phaedra Pierce takes a very unexpected turn thanks to: 1) a prophetic journal kept by (a different) Phaedra Pierce, and 2) a time capsule within a time capsule.

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Written, recorded and performed by Tom Mansell.
Phaedra One performed by Katherine Goffeney.
Phaedra Two performed by Lana Jerome.

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors Ecfike, safetyrtle, martinimeniscus, thecityrings, bradovic, owlstorm, jimimod, squashy555, adamwaynegistarb, ndhfilms, aglinder, rodincoil, kvgarlic, lampeight, worthahep88, sinjohnt, natemarler, j-zazvurek, atha89, jaide714, cgeffex, and Jovica.

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