Davis X. Mackinaw relates tales of the town's ghost legend, a malevolent spirit known as the Sandy Specter.

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Written, recorded and performed by Tom Mansell.
Phaedra Pierce performed by Katherine Goffeney.
Davis X. Mackinaw performed by Josh McDaniel.
Helena Pierce performed by Allison Hetter.
Oblivia Newton-Baum performed by Debra Harrison-Lowe.

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors lth-stp, duckduckpony, julien-matthey, klankbeeld, dave-welsh, snarfdude, lonemonk, owlstorm, yammerhant, squareal, splicesound, claudius, darcydunes, oldguy67, yadronoff, sagetyrtle, inspectorj, volivieri, bajko, euphrosyyn, rutgemuller, blaufreuz, superex1110, dobriode, roofdog, bennychico11, braffe2, markb, jpnien, and Jovica.

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