A mysterious man named Walter Fustmensch describes his simple daily routine on Slumberland Island.

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Written, recorded and performed by Tom Mansell.
Walter Fustmensch performed by Jeff Priskorn.

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: rhumphries, kbnevel, duckduckpony, semccab, smartwentcody, vmgraw, rivernile7, davidjgurney, redjim, danelle, rynostols, inspectorj, nioczkus, leonelmail, jonnythedonkey, parkersenk, brendansound12, justinvoke, kyles, carrieedick, florian-reinke, legato87, harpoyume, and Jovica.

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A large metal sculpture of a mysterious woman's head -- this statue sits in a storage shed on Slumberland Island. How did it get there and where did it come from? These questions are explored by Oblivia Newton-Baum.

Credits: Written, recorded and performed by Tom Mansell.

Oblivia Newton Baum performed by Julia C. Thorne. Bailey performed by Mark C. Holden. Phaedra Two performed by Erin King. Jennie Weather performed by Dr. Michelle Booze.

A handy guide to this episode's scenes:

00:30 Oblivia presents Thomas with a photo from the mid-1970s. The picture shows young Jeepers MacGeepers and two colleagues on Syncytium Island's beach in the South Pacific. (Featuring Julia C. Thorne)

5:25 A journal from the early 70s comes to life. San Francisco after the Summer of Love.

11:07 Jeepers describes his encounter with the intelligence officer Bailey. (Featuring Mark C. Holden)

15:15 Early 70s. Jeepers makes a phone call to Slumberland Island. Phaedra Two picks up the phone, and hires Jeepers for an expedition to Syncytium Island. (Featuring Erin King)

18:33 Back to Present Day, and the beach photo: Oblivia reveals more about Jeepers and his research team. (Featuring Julia C. Thorne)

20:01 Mid-1970s Flashback: a tape recording lets us hear Jeepers, Noah and Jennie as they explore Syncytium Island and discover the metal statue of the woman's head on the beach. (Featuring Dr. Michelle Booze as Jennie Weather)

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Music courtesy of these artists: Timbre, Ars Sonor

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: rutgemuller, chimerical, ftpalad, vtkproductions, bansemer, dave-welsh, jakobthiesen, bone666138, gutek, microsome, deleted-user-44011 niedec, omar-alvarado, lwdickens, psychopancake, lonelmail, passairmangrace, vcspran, piggimon, djlprojects, inspectorj, leandri140029, bluedelta, florianreichelt, kyles, figowitz, atha89, cognito-perceptu, A43, cgeffex, bmaczero, juskiddink, and Jovica.

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