Long ago, town founder Coyote carved a coded message into a rock. Determined to finish recording the story of that carved message, Thomas arrives at the town's Sip Zip Café. Owner Skip is full of caffeine and ready to tell the tale using a photo slide show!

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Skip performed by Tim Sniffen.
You can hear Tim as the Mysterious Man on the fantasy improvised podcast, Hello From The Magic Tavern.
Find more of his work at

Simsala Del Becha performed by Melissa Medina.
Witness Melissa's amazing voice work at

Original music by Tim Clark.

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: pagancow, pushtobreak, rettalo, superex1110, mkoenig, icesound, qubodup, soundslikewillem, satanicupsman, yoh, bone666138, zorrobms1001, mmaruska, kwahmah-02, jagadamba, nlm, bassboybg, zaneclampett, epicwizard, magnus589, domainhunter, blimp66, vovere, zziggystardust72, craigsmith, kyles, and Jovica.

Thank YOU for listening to Slumberland!

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