It's time for the regional dog bikejoring race! Tomas Anonymous is your commentator, focusing on the two Slumberland residents competing in this year's race, which takes place on Slumberland Island. Only one dog / bicycle rider team can win first place, who will it be?

More about Slumberland at this link.

The song "More Than One Answer" is by the band Negativland, from their album Speech Free

Negativland's press release states: "As our marketing research suggests, these catchy tunes can work well for you as both new jingles and musical beds, perfectly suited for voiceovers discussing anything from commercial products to political campaigns. Most target audiences regularly indicate a preference for moderately subversive content and confusion, and you’ll find that this release provides that target with precisely the right amount of each. Because every second of Usable Music (TM) on this record has been personally guaranteed, by everyone still here in Negativland, to be Speech Free."

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: corsica-s, brettkux, inspectorj, astounded, and kyles.

Thank YOU for listening to Slumberland!

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