Slumberland (general)

A virtual meeting via computer webcam reunites Thomas and his nemesis Delfina Del Becha. Delfina's decided it's time for Thomas to record her final additions to the Secret Oral History of the Del Bechas.

More about Slumberland at this link.

Delfina Del Becha performed by Kim Kreuzweiser
Special guest appearances by
Danielle Timmins as Flance Fleesel
Ivanna Maria Ochoa Varuzza as Zulmy López
Patrick McGinley as himself
Patrick hosts the amazing podcast framework radio. If you dig into his show archives you'll find a few contributions by Tom Mansell. Freesound Project contributor Jovica.

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En route to see Jeepers, Thomas moves though Slumberland's subterranean tunnels. Along the way he bumps into Ella Minnow Pierce. He also reminisces about his youth, when he discovered a creepy video arcade game titled Witch's Tower.

More about Slumberland at this link.

Ella Minnow Pierce performed by Jessica Syratt

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The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: adcbicycle, pagancow, thanvannispen, tim-kahn, mattwasser, ls, bsumusictech, treyc, timgormly, evinawer, deathbygeko, ludwigmueller, timbre, timbahrij, onlytheghosts, nanakisan, sweet-rip, sethlind, volvion, bdunis4, barkerspinhead, peacewaves, bastard-fish, amholma, robinhood76, boscoricardo17, cabled-mess, kinoton, someguy22, plutoniumisotop, inspectorj, myfox14, krnash, mrpagliara, screamstudio, pro-mudkip, soundholder, audiopapkin, euphrosyyn, tissman, tolerabledruid6, fupicat, nfsmaster821, ligtheningjimmy88, dorsidom, evreto, daelonfire, mrthenoronha, gecop, chiara-arambarri, and Jovica.

Thank YOU for listening to Slumberland!

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