At long last, Thomas sits down with the statue to see if his sound recorders will pick up any audible message from the sculpture of a woman's head. But the mission gets disrupted by an unexpected guest and a strange handwritten letter.

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Magic Elvis performed by Adam McMillen.
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The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: tosha73, ienba, sjonas88, leonelmail, johnzwick45, samsterbirdies, spacejoe, usamah, jomse, alineaudio, alexbuk, inspectorj, nioczkus, harveyjnz, fabuafrica, alexmurphy53, ruonvniekerk, vate, youandbiscuitme, lebaston100 bewagne, lloydevans09, pushkin, adough1, halleck, jasonelrod, redjim, tweeterdj, pagancow, timbre, and Jovica.

Music by VYVCH and Lobo Loco.

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