Thomas Edward M had a plan to pause his Slumberland work and travel to a job interview, but that plan gets canceled by a fresh batch of raging storms over the island. In the meantime, Thomas agrees to meet with longtime resident Lorde Logan, and give her copies of all the oral history recordings he's made so far. Lorde contributes her own tale, involving a close encounter with the Sandy Specter, long ago.

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Samwell Plumsweater performed by Catty Donnelly
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Noel F. VanDerButz performed by PawPaw Greg Gidney
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Lorde Logan performed by Lenore Hume
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This episode pays tribute to the talents and career of Hillard "Sweet Pea" Atkinson

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: petebuchwald, clearwavsound, nomerodin1, leonelmail, samsterbirdies, craigsmith, kyles, dersuperanton, soundslikewillem, inspectorj, anthousai, savataivanov, amholma, owlstorm, kuvainraastaja, rambler52, evesecrets, klankbeeld, plasterbrain, cydon, karma-ron, kodack, omar-alvarado, lebaston100, foad, lezaarth, tomoyo-ichijouji, felix-blume, kastenfrosch, cosmicembers, shaka9, nlm, pushkin, floating-tree, juskiddink, mlestn1, robinhood76, j1987, sagetyrtle, lonemonk, freqman, and Jovica.

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