You're invited down into the semi-secret underground bar located beneath the Supper Shack. An establishment full of local lore and adult beverages. The nominal proprietor is Captain Delmar Silverfish, but his current catatonic state prevents you from really getting to know the good captain, just yet. Something sinister could be involved, and it's up to Tomas Anonymous to sort it out with some help from Omar Evanston and Chip Woode.

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Audio Tape Narrator performed by Catty Donnelly
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This Slumberland version of The Red Eye legend comes with apologies to Ben Edlund.

This Slumberland version of the Devo song "Red Eye Express" comes with apologies to Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerry Casale. This new version's music was produced by Kevin J Drieburg
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Songs by Fields Ohio appear courtesy the creative commons license CC BY-SA 4.0
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Winter Séance in Linden // Floating Down Iuka Ravine // Always Dreaming of Sandusky Bay //
from the album "Our Paper Hearts Drift In Tunnels To Sleep In Little Boxes Under Ohia Seas"

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: dymewiz, jhooper, roganmcdougald, sethlind, sethroph, epicwizard, klankbeeld, michaelvelo, genviou, nagwense, airblock, 14panska, kijjaz, juanfg, craigsmith, bojan_t95, nemodaedalus, kyles, samram21, maxman727, pogotron, morganjbryan, jeseid77.

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