The Slippery Shanty underground bar features a Shelf of Honor. On that shelf you'll find impressive objects like a one hundred year old bottle of bourbon. The shelf used to display Slumberland's Poetry Trophy, which is a man-fish statue with a curious history.

This episode's alternate title:
"Hem & Howie"
(American Authors Series, Volume 1)

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Songs by Fields Ohio appear courtesy the creative commons license CC BY-SA 4.0
Purchase Fields Ohio music at Bandcamp
Winter Séance in Linden // Floating Down Iuka Ravine // Waltz Ohia // Lake Eerie Wolves // Always Dreaming of Sandusky Bay
from the album "Our Paper Hearts Drift In Tunnels To Sleep In Little Boxes Under Ohia Seas"

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: avakas, ahill86, victorcenusa, sithjawa, nlm, littlerobotsoundfactory, robinhood76, klankbeeld, eipeiknip, qpiee, farbin, kinoton, kev_durr, brianobush, devern, grd-music, jovica, bojan_t95, lydmakeren, tosha73, s-light, salilnair, audio_dread, drdufus, sinead_owi, somatik7, sagetyrtle, janneleimola, ambient-x, samram21, f3bbbo, glen_dorner, pogotron, tom_kaszuba, morganjbryan, jim-bretherick, universfield, jeseid77, A43, williew705.

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