The members of Slumberland's mysterious Coyote Club gather to discuss strategies for ridding the town of a long-time danger: the Sandy Specter.

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Scrapper Jo performed by Jenn Dupree
Ella Minnow Pierce performed by Jessica Syratt

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Music by Blue Dot Sessions and ROZKOL

The sound design in this episode owes thanks to Freesound Project contributors: connum, kevinkace, megaplenguin13, bewareofkites20, blouhond, husky70, drewkelly, jorickhoofd, hitrison, jmjeffries2, kessir, kwahmah-02, paulw2k, inspectorj, ranne-madsen, tbsounddesigns, bwarpus99, florianreichelt, sheyvan, samsterbirdies, soapuel, ienba, egomassive, erickbloem-200250, gronnie, rubenvvuuren, anrichcbs, aaontheonly, and Jovica.


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